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Donors who can give at least $10.00 every month will gain access to a special private section called

 "The A-O Insider Report"

"The A-O Insider Report" features special articles not available to the public (although some archived articles may be later transferred to the public website)

Access to "The A-O Insider Report" is available through use of a "username" and password that will be assigned to a donor by way of an e-mail from The Alpha-Omega Report usually within 24 to 48 hours after receiving the donation. This is a process that is done manually and for that reason, it may take 1 to 2 business days to process, although often times much sooner - hopefully.

If you have any problems - use our 'contact' page to send us an e-mail.

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Monthly donors who can give at least $10.00 or more for the month will gain access to the special private section of the website which includes

Various Feature News Articles

The A-O Weekly News Roundup

and the weekly

A-O Intelligence Digest


Various Featured News Articles will be published from time to time as key developments transpire. The A-O Weekly Roundup features a review of the past weeks key news items related to signficant prophetic issues.

The A-O Intelligence Digest features more advanced "intelligence" information and deeper analysis of ongoing developments. These features are simply a way for us to say "Thank You" for your support of The Alpha-Omega Report.

The $10.00 or more amount is the suggested minimum donation. Anything larger would be of great help. This is not an attempt to 'make money' but merely to cover the operating costs of keeping the information on the website available to the public.

A-O needs larger amounts than the minimums from those who can spare some extra funds in order to help cover the overhead operationg costs of the website in order to keep it available to the public at large. At this time the public website will remain functioning but will primarily be featuring only prophecy studies articles and some major news development articles.  The Insider Report's private webpages will maintain special analysis articles and 'Intelligence" information and other special articles available only for donors only.


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The Visual Evidence for

America, The Babylon

A PowerPoint Audio-Visual Presentation


A special offer is now available for donors to The Alpha-Omega Report.

 There is now a new Audio-Visual Power-Point Presentation of "America, The Babylon" entitled:

 "The Visual Evidence for 'America, The Babylon'"

 The presentation is available on a CD-Rom and is about a one hour-long presentation featuring voice narration by author Richard Coombes and features visual images that connect America with her Babylonian mystical connections. It provides images of the Mother of the Harlots of Revelation 17 from ancient Babylon as well as how those images relate to America's symbolism today as well as to government buildings in Washington D.C.

This Power-Point Audio-Visual presentation dramatically shows in a very visual way, just how Babylonian America has become, and how Babylonian America's beginnings really were. The old phrase: "Seeing is believing" may apply to this presentation as many skeptics who see this presentation will come away shocked by the visual evidence. There are even weblinks in the presentation directing the viewer to the US Library of Congress webpages for confirmation on some of the claims.

The presentation, on CD-Rom is in Microsoft Power Point software and can be viewed with either the Microsoft Power Point program or with its separate Viewer software which is a free download from Microsoft.

Also on the CD-Rom is a new E-Book entitled: "The Mystery Babylon Debate Handbook" which examines all the various relevant identity theories as to who or what is "Mystery Babylon." OF course, also on the CD-Rom is an electronic copy of "America, The Babylon Volumes 1 and 2" in PDF text format. Also included are other E-books including commentaries on 1st Thessalonians and 2nd Thessalonians, plus E-books "What is the Gospel?" and "The Apostasia" plus "A Gift For You" and about 30 archived prophecy study articles from the best 7 years of The Alpha-Omega Report.

This special CD-Rom is not available in stores or elsewhere on the internet and is not being sold. It is available only to A-O readers who donate at least $30.00 or more to The Alpha-Omega Report to keep the website alive and online. This offer may be withdrawn at any time should the website itself be forced to close down, so please act today to obtain your copy while you can. 

In addition to receiving the CD-Rom, you'll have a one-month access to the A-O Insider Report private webpages for donors which includes a weekly intelligence digest report - The A-O Intelligence Digest.

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